About the MS Program

The MS Management Program is designed to build in-depth analytical skills needed for both academic and applied research. We offer specialization in Operations Management and in Strategy and Organization. The program equips students for a digital world. New courses on digital transformation, business consultancy and process mining are offered. The program is aimed at challenging students intellectually and enabling them to make contributions towards the knowledge and practice of the Management discipline. The program is flexible and allows both full time and part time options. Part time students can take less course load.

Our graduates secure positions in industry as well as in Academia. They are hired as research analysts in the private and public sector organizations and also in the non-governmental sector. The programs also open up avenues in the Academia whether as a visiting or full time faculty. It is especially relevant for practitioners with industry experience who want to build and maintain relationship with the academic world during and after graduation. Further, universities worldwide, require a Master level degree for entry into their PhD programs. read more.

Message from the Program Director - MS Management

Dr. Ashar Saleem

It is a pleasure to introduce you to the MS Management program at SBS- IBA. We have designed this program to develop your expertise in the areas of operations management and strategy. Successful students from the program will have the knowledge base and analytical abilities to engage with and solve real world problems and inform knowledge, policy and practice of the management discipline.

Recently we have added some exciting and very relevant features to our program. This includes technology based courses, such as digital transformation, analytics, process mining and consultancy oriented courses. Further we have made the program more flexible by reducing the core, adding more options in the electives and by accommodating part time students through evening and weekend classes. We have also replaced the foundation course requirement for non BBA students with a business orientation. Please see our course structure for further details.

You will be exposed to a rigorous curriculum taught by world class faculty. The program structure integrates theory with real-world applications. Our graduates go to academia, industry, and to public sector and not for profit organizations. We are committed to creating a positive societal impact through our program by making use of latest knowledge base and analytical tools to address the management issues of a digital world.

We look forward to welcoming you in the program where you embark on a journey of knowledge exploration and personal development and create impact after graduating from our MS Management program.

Dr. Ashar Saleem
Assistant Professor and Director Graduate Programs - SBS

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