About the MS Program

The MS Program in Management is designed to prepare students for quality research and analysis in the field of Management. A sound theoretical basis is provided in the general area of Management and in one of the following specialization areas; Strategy and Organization, Operations and Supply Chain Management, and Entrepreneurship. This is complemented with developing research skills in qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The program is aimed at challenging students intellectually and enabling them to make contributions towards the knowledge and practice of Management.

The program prepares students for a career in academia by developing understanding of the current knowledge base in Management and by developing skillset to extend this knowledge base. Universities worldwide, require a Master level degree for entering into their PhD programs. MS degree should facilitate admission in any reputable university for a PhD. Further, graduates from the MS Management program will be sought after by organizations looking for specialists in a particular field of Management such as Operations and Supply Chain Management, who can do in-depth analysis to solve practical problems of these organizations.

Message from Chairperson

Dr. Nyla Aleem Ansari

Welcome to the Department of Management (MGT). We are one of the oldest departments at IBA, supporting the BBA and MBA programs at the Institute by providing management faculty and courses.

The department has fifteen full-time faculty members, with training from some of the world’s best universities. Eleven of our full-time faculty members have PhD from well reputed universities. We also have a number of excellent visiting and adjunct faculty who are experts in their fields. The faculty members work closely with each student to provide mentorship and academic guidance. read more.

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